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Data controller – JSC „Nurminen Maritime“. Legal entity code 300012176, address Minijos str. 19, LT-91207 Klaipėda, Lithuania, tel.: +370 46 477712, e-mail: (hereinafter – the Company). This privacy policy (hereinafter – Privacy policy) is referred to people, who use Company services or visit internet pages and to candidates, who participate in staff selection.


Personal information—any information about a natural person, whose personality is identified or whose personality can be identified (data subject); a natural person, whose personality can be identified, is a person, whose personaltity can be directly or indirectly identified, first of all, according to the identifier, such as first name and last name, personal identification number, location data and internet identifier or referred to one or more natural person‘s physical, physiological, genetical, psychic, economical, cultural or social identity features.

Data subject—a person, who uses Company‘s services, visits webpages and (or) contacts the Company for services or other purposes, as well as the Company‘s employee and candidate, who participates in staff selection and hiring.

Request—data subject request for implementing his/her rights.

Regulation—European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27th, 2016 regarding the safety of natural persons by processing personal data and due to the free movement of data, by which the Directive 95/46/EB (General data protection regulation) is annulled.

General provisions

This Privacy policy is not a Company‘s agreement with you for processing your data. By using this Privacy policy, the Company informs you about general personal data processing, realisation principles of data subject rights. Additional information can be provided in services or in other kind of agreements.

Privacy policy is not applicable when it uses other companies‘ webpages or services. We recommend you read other service suppliers‘ privacy messages and contact them directly about using your personal data.

Principles of personal data processing

The Company processes personal data according to the legislation of EU and the Republic of Lithuania, which regulate personal data processing.

The capacity of processing personal data depends on ordered services and used services, the Company‘s legal relationships with data subject or other people and what kind of information a person provides, when orders and (or) uses services, visits webpages or refers to a Company.

Company strives that personal data would be processed accurately, fair, and legitimate, so that it would be processed for the purposes they were gathered, and they would be processed in accordance with the principles and requirements of personal data processing as it is listed in legislature.

The Company processes data only in accordance with one or more criteria of lawful processing: (i) to ensure the provision of services under the contract (i.e. to take action at the request of the data subject before the conclusion of the contract); (ii) with the consent of the data subject; (iii) when the processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation of the Company; (iv) processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest; (v) when personal data need to be processed for the legitimate interests of the Company or a third party. 

When processing and storing personal data, the Company implements organizational and technical measures that ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, alteration, disclosure, as well as from any other illegal processing. Access to personal data processed by the Company is available only to those employees of the Company and auxiliary service providers to whom it is necessary for the performance of work functions or provision of services. 

The data subject is responsible for ensuring that the personal data provided is accurate, correct and complete. If the personal data provided by the data subject changes, he must immediately inform the Company. The Company will not be liable for any damage caused to the data subject and / or third parties due to the fact that the data subject provided incorrect and / or incomplete personal data or did not apply for additions and / or changes to the data due to changes.

Personal data source

Usually, personal data is received directly from data subject, who submits it by visiting websites and (or) using Company supplied services.

Data can be automatically generated, when the client browses Company‘s websites.

Person is not required to provide personal information, but it is possible that actions like, selling services or invoicing, could not be completed if personal data is not provided.

Purposes of processing personal data

Company processes personal information for the following purposes, but not limited to: delivering services; maintaining relationships with the clients; Promoting company awareness through social networks; information about clients and partners upgrade; accounting, invoicing, contract management and execution; requests management; search of employees; monitoring web site visitations, statistics and its analysis, improvement of websites; provision of legislative requirements, execution, and defense.

Data subject groups—people, who use Company‘s services, visit websites and (or) candidates, who participate in staff selection; employees, clients, business partners.

These general personal information categories can be processed, but not limited to—first name, last name, personal identification number, workplace, occupation, self-employment certificate number, mobile telephone number, e-mail address, address, occupation, signature, IP address, website‘s browsing history and date, and other information, that is needed for service supply, maintaining relationships, for invoicing, and contract management, provision of legislative requirements.

Data receivers and receiver groups: public institutions and establishments, legal institutions; auditors, consultants in law and finances; third parties, providing accounting and other financial services, supervising Company‘s software, other people, who have to be provided with data in accordance with the procedure established by law.

Personal data process with the purpose of employment in the Company

Potential Company‘s employees (candidates, people who are looking for a job) provide such personal data for the Company: CV, first name, last name, contacts. We will inform you during the first contact about your, as potential employee, personal data processing, data saving terms orally or via e-mail. You can be familiarized with your, as potential employee, personal information processing in this part of Privacy policy.

Your personal data provided when candidating to a particular work position at the Company, is being processed with the purpose of signing an employment contract with you, as a potential employee.

If you are candidating to a particular work position, but you are not offered a job, at the end of selection to a particular Company‘s job position, your personal data will be destroyed, unless you provide an agreement that your personal data would be kept for the purpose of Company‘s upcoming staff selection. You can cancel your agreement regarding the personal data processing in this Privacy policy part for the stated purpose, by accurately and unambiguously expressing the will in written form addressed the the Company‘s employee, contacting the Company via phone call +370 46 477712 or email

Personal data keeping term

Personal data is processed no longer than it is needed to achieve goals or no longer than it is required by data subjects and/or it is provided for by legislation.

Usually data is being processed for 10 years from the end of the agreement or the end of relationship with the clients.

At the end of staff selection, when there is no work contract with a candidate or, if a candidate submitted information without candidating to a particular job position in the Company, the candidate‘s information is kept for 1 (one) year or until data subject cancels agreement about data processing.

If data subject cancels agreement about data processing or the term of data processing ends (when data is processed on the data subject‘s agreement basis), only the data that has information confirming the agreement of the subject data is kept for 10 (ten) years from the end of the agreement or cancel of the agreement by striving to declare, process, or defend legislative Company‘s requirements.

Submitting processed data to other subjects

The Company does not provide third parties with the processed data without person‘s prior consent, except for legislation purposes and except for aspects, mentioned in this Privacy policy, regarding the provision of information to indicated data receivers.

Personal data of employees processed for the purposes of internal administration and personal data of customers for the purpose of providing services, can be transferred and processed beyond EU/EEA boundaries, when transfer is required for work contracts establishment and execution. In this case, the Company takes actions that any personal data of employees or customers submission beyond EU/EEA boundaries would be processed appropriately and data subject‘s privacy rights would be protected at most. For this reason the Company establishes contracts, which have included standard EU Commission provisions accepted or other methods assuring protection, consolidated in the Regulation. Third country, which is not part of EU/EEA, where the receiver of employees‘ personal information is, by decision of EU Commision must assure sufficient level of personal information protection.

Data processors

Data can be procesed by data processors, who provide the Company with accounting, maintaining IT applications, external audit, and other services.

Data subject rights

Every data subject has following rights:

  1. The right to know (be familiar) with personal self-information processing;
  2. The right to be familiarized with personal information that is in process and how they are processing, that is, receive information about personal information saving term, information from which sources and what personal information is gathered, on which purpose they are processed and who is provided;
  3. Ask to edit personal information and stop such personal information processing action in case when familiarized with personal information, data subject identifies that data is wrong, incomplete and incorrect;
  4. The right to require to destroy personal information or restrict data processing actions in case when familiarized with personal data, data subject identifies that personal information that is processed is illegal or unfair;
  5. The right to disagree that their personal information would be processed except in cases when personal data is processed for the sake of legal interest which data controller strives for, or if data subject ‘s interest is less important;
  6. Cancel given meetings concerning data processing;
  7. Contact the Company, implementing the self-right to „be forgotten “;
  8. The right to require that personal data submitted, if it is processed in accordance with his or her consent or agreement basis, and if it is processed by automatized methods, data controller would send it to other data controller, if it is technically possible (the right to data transmission);
  9. In case of personal information processing claim a complaint addressed for State Data Protection Inspectorate;
  10. Other rights, indicated in the following privacy policy and Regulation.

Data  subject, after submitting valid identity document or in accordance with legistrature or electronic means of communication, which let appropriately identify a person, after confirming personal identity, has to in person, via post office, via envoy or via email, submit a written request with the purpose to implement his/her right. The Company, after receiving the data subject‘s request, no later than in 30 calendar days from data subject request, shall submit the answer. If needed, the term can be prolonged by the Company, according to the complexity of request and number, and having informed data subject.

Request can be submitted by these means: by phone +370 46 477712, email:, at the office at Minijos g. 19, Klaipėda.

Data protection assurance

Company implements appropriate organizational and technical data protection tools, including protection from data processing without permission or illegal data processing and saving from unintentional loss, destruction or damage.

Personal data access is available only for those employees, service suppliers, and authorized data processors, to whom it is necessary in order to execute work functions or provide services.

Means of social media

The Company has created and controls social media network LinkedIn. All information that you provide in social media network LinkedIn (including messages, using „Like“ and „Follow“, and other type of communication) or which is received after visiting Company‘s LinkedIn network (including informaction that is received with the help of LinkedIn cookies), is controlled by the social network controller LinkedIn. For this reason, we recommend you read social network‘s LinkedIn privacy messages and contact it direcyly for your personal data usage.

As the LinkedIn Company network‘s administrator, the Company shall choose appropriate settings, according to its target audience and activity management and promotion goals. By letting the Company create its social network and administrate it, social network controller can restrict the possibility to change basic settings, and by doing this, the Company cannot impact what kind of information it will gather about you after the Company creates its social network.

All of such settings, chosen by Company, or established by social network controller, can have impact on your personal information processing using social media network LinkedIn, by visiting Company‘s network or reading Company‘s messages at social media network. Even if you only read the Company‘s messages via means of social media, the social network controller can get a particular piece of personal information such as, what kind of gadget you use and what is your IP address.

Usually, social network controller processes your personal information (even that which was gathered by choosing additional application‘s options) according to the social network controller‘s goals, based on the social network controller‘s privacy policy. However while you are using social network, communicating with the Company via social network, visiting Company‘s social network page, or reading Company‘s posts in it, the Company receives information about you. Company‘s receiving data capacity depends on Company‘s chosen application settings, agreements with social network‘s controller for ordering additional services, social network controller‘s used cookies.

LinkedIn social network controller gathers information, what kind of content you see, what you do at LinkedIn social network, information about your education, people with whom you communicate, and other information. If you want to know more about social network LinkedIn controller‘s privacy policy press here


In order to improve visiting, we use cookies—small text information parts, which are automatically created by surfing the internet pages and are kept in a computer or any other back end gadget.

Cookies used on the website:

Name Purpose Duration
Wires Functional cookie Till the end of session

Information gathered by cookies, let us assure the more convenient surfing on the internet, make offers and to find out more about our website visitors‘ behavior, to analyze trends and improve not only websites but also services supplied. The cookies allow the Company provide services that are adapted to the needs of users (for instance, by showing only the content which particularly intrests the user). If the Company's websites contain links to other websites that also use cookies, they are not described here.

Information gathered by using cookies, usually is used for the following purposes:

  1. Functional cookies usage and for services supply. Cookies are very important for the execution of our websites and electronical services, they also assure smooth functioning and experience for user.
  2. Service development. By supervising cookie usage, we can improve our webpage and electronic services execution. We receive information, for example, about that, which parts of our website are most popular, which websites are accessible via our websites and from which websites they connect to our websites and amount of time they spend in our websites.
  3. Usage analysis. We use cookies in order to gather information about our visitors‘ statistics data and usage of electronic services gathering and advertisement effectivity assessment.
  4. Target market orientation. By using cookies, we also can gather information in order to provide a particular advertisement and content by creating different target groups.

More detailed information about cookies used in social network LinkedIn can be found here:

If you do not agree letting cookies be installed on your computer or other back end device, you can change settings in your browser and turn of all cookies or turn on/off cookies one by one. However we ask for your attention, that in some cases it can make internet browsing slower, restrict particular website working or block access to a website.


Website visitors‘ statistics are analyzed with the help of Google Analytics. Information that is gathered with Google Analytics cookies about your website browsing history can be transmitted and protected in servers.

Other provisions

Providing your information, you express your will that Company would refer to you about your request.

For Privacy policy provision execution and expalantion the legislature of the Republic of Lithuania is applied. The Company can change this Privacy policy itself, which comes into force from its publication at website

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