Multimodal cargo freight from any part of the world

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UAB Nurminen Maritime is a company who specializes in multimodal cargoes deliveries from any place of the world, where sea, railway or road transport is required.  Multimodal type of delivery is used for reducing transport costs and optimizing goods delivery time.

Our company offers service from Southeast Asia (China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and etc.), Oceania, Europe and Mediterranean Countries, Africa, Middle East region, North and South America.



JSC Nurminen Maritime is representing Cosco Shipping in Lithuania and is offering containerized cargo transportation from „door to door“, containers transportation inside Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.
Services destinations
Lithuania Rail Auto
Kaunas 2-3 days 1 day
Vilnius 2-3 days 1 day
Šiauliai 2-3 days 1 day
Klaipėda 2-3 days 1 day
Panevėžys 2-3 days 1 day




Phone: +370 46 477712

Phone: +370 65659627

Ship Agency
Phone: +370 68300593

Phone: +370 46 300420
              +370 614 65225

Find us here

Minijos str. 19, 3 floor
Klaipeda, LT-91207, Lithuania
Phone: +370 46 477712

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